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ㅇㅅㅇ hannachi98@yahoo.com

Hello, my name is Hanna Theresia but u can call me hannachi that's my cosplay nickname. (。・ω・)ノ゙ I'm not a professional cosplayer just amateur. I love all about japan so I'm so fanatic with anime and manga. My hobby is drawing manga I learn how to make manga since I was in primary school with my friend autodidact. I also love to collect manga books from childhood until now have over 100 manga titles that I've got. Make up and cosplay just my hobby beside my hobby to draw manga. I'm actually very difficult to write a blog even though I'm interested to review the products that I have. Sorry if my english bad and wrong because I'm not good to use grammar. ^^a 

many famous bloggers who have given me the motivation until now in the fashion and makeup world. So I'll write all my knowledge about makeup and fashion although I'm still a beginner but I will learn even more. and then I also will write about manga that I've read to give an overview of the interesting points of the manga that i've read.

A little fact about me :
✿ I love my family more than anything >_<
✿ I'm not cute and beauty in real life. don't believe one woman from her photos because the photo can deceive. I'm not saying i'm deceive just there some people always said "I'm so cute" but when he meet me he disappointed. 
✿ I'm not learn to be cute or to be popular I just learn how to make up right. makeup is a need thing by woman career now so no wonder I always wear makeup.
I always accept everyone who wants to be my best friend without a specific intent to me and most importantly I don't like fake.
I will reply comment that I think is positive without insinuating intent,without specific intent, and don't ask question about my privacy. so sorry if there are some comments that I ignore maybe that comment like my sentence above.
whatever you think about me out there, I never cared but never wrote it on my all personal social accounts. because I never forced you to like me, so please do not also hurt me.
everything I wrote in this blog are entirely my hobby so if you get bored to read it, leave it X'D

Too Know all about me u can Add my facebook, twitter, tumblr, formspring, and instagram. (^^)/

✿Biography about me✿
✿Skin type : oily in my nose and forehead
✿Zodiac : Sagitarius
✿Hobby : writting manga, cosplay, reading manga, and watching anime
✿Musician favourite : YUI, avril lavigne, 2pm, and miwa
✿Mangaka favourite : shiba nana, nakahara an, atsuko namba, taamo, mitsuki kaco, and many more >_<
✿My inspiration : YUI and kippi landiia
✿ My Fav Cosplayer : Kippi, Kaname, Reika, Touya hibiki, Misa.
✿Fashion style : i always try japanese fashion style from cute until casual :)
✿Make up : i'm just amateur with make up so i'm always try natural make up and gyaru make up.
✿Fave make up brand : etude house, lioele, nyx, Dolly wink; and tony moly

If u want to know about me u can Mention to my twitter @hanna_chi . Oh yeah, i'm not full time to blogger and cosplay just my hobby not my job. Thanks :)